David Harnish

DAVID HARNISH (Flanagan, IL / Goshen College ’12)

PARTNER:  Neighborhood Learning Alliance



From Flanagan, IL to Goshen, IN to Pittsburgh, comes David Harnish, a graduate of Goshen College.  David was a History major and received a teaching certificate in Social Studies.  He taught Economics and U.S. History at Elkhart Memorial High School as well as being a student researcher, teaching assistant and tutor at Goshen College. David spent a semester abroad studying Spanish and Peruvian culture.  David worked with Neighborhood Learning Alliance.

What do you love about Pittsburgh?
The incredible views from its many hilltops.

What is the best part about the PULSE experience?
Having wonderful housemates to come home and share experiences with each night.

What does your ideal Saturday morning look like?
Waking up fairly early and either going to the Strip and getting some groceries from the meat/cheese and Asian stores, or working on a project at the PULSE house, like putting in the patio.

What is the best thing about your nonprofit placement?
Working with wonderful students who impress me with their smarts and their heart.

What are some hobbies that you would like to pursue?
Building things and doing home improvement projects.  I would like to do some backyard landscaping at the Stanton House.

What historical figure do you most admire?
Frederick Douglass – for his prophetic voice and willingness to expose the trust and push for justice regardless of how little others wanted to listen.

Anything else you want to share?
Pittsburgh is such a cool and unique city – it’s legacy of wealth from 100 years ago is still visible in very intriguing ways, such as the plethora of libraries, performance halls, museums and unique and impressive homes.  I’m glad that I’m getting to experience living here with eleven other fun people.  It’s been a great way to transition from college life to professional life.


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