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Program Coordinator – PULSE (Pittsburgh Urban Leadership Service Experience) – Pittsburgh, PA

PULSE (Pittsburgh Urban Leadership Service Experience) seeks a high-energy individual able to coordinate PULSE program and help develop a small-sized nonprofit organization as it grows. This position is a unique opportunity to play a vital role in a dynamic, vibrant non-profit with a track record of success, proven impact model, strong mission, staff and board.

PULSE cultivates a community of young servant leaders to transform Pittsburgh.  PULSE invites talented university graduates to partner with Pittsburgh nonprofits for a year of service and leadership.  Over the last twenty-four years, PULSE has invited about 300 young adults to partner with over 125 nonprofits, contributing some 450,000 hours of service to the city and its residents.  To learn more about PULSE, visit us at

Position Summary: The Program Coordinator reports to the Executive Director of PULSE and is responsible for the organization’s consistent, high-quality execution of its program, with specific attention to mobilizing PULSE fellows into action in the community.

The Program Coordinator coordinates all aspects of the PULSE program, including creating activities that both develop the fellow and serve the community.

Job Responsibilities

Below is an overview of responsibilities and duties for this position:


  1. Work with the other Program Coordinators in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the PULSE program.
  2. Develop and implement a system to evaluate the skill, experience, personal and professional development needs of PULSE participants in the cohort.
  3. Orient participants to the purposes, objectives, aims and expectations of the PULSE program.
  4. Administer a personal and professional development program to address PULSE participant experience, skill gaps, knowledge, etc. through a wide variety of vehicles (weekly seminars, bi-annual retreats, one-on-one meetings, and other personal and professional development opportunities for cohort).
  5. Provide counsel, mentoring, and evaluation for participants through occasional meetings.
  6. Address participant questions, issues and challenges particularly related to house dynamics, maintenance and overall experience.
  7. Establish consistent, objective program performance standards of accountability with other Program Coordinators.
  8. Instill a sense of pride, organizational ownership, a sense of accountability among PULSE participants with one another as a cohort collectively pursues PULSE’s core purpose and lives out its core values.
  9. Create and administer additional PULSE programming like Second Year, Alumni, Spring Break and Summer Opportunities, as PULSE grows.


  1. Create and implement an annual outreach plan with PULSE fellows in the cohort and neighborhood.
  2. Organize and participate in community outreach activities to educate the broader community about PULSE, our activities and projects.
  3. Establish and maintain personal and professional relationships with neighborhood nonprofit partners, organizations, block groups and local residents.
  4. Identify, evaluate and prioritize potential partnership opportunities and collaborate on a coordinated neighborhood engagement with the PULSE fellows.
  5. Develop coordinated neighborhood engagement in the neighborhood utilizing PULSE properties for increased partnership and collaboration.
  6. Facilitate additional PULSE projects and initiatives through PULSE fellows and community members like the existing Kincaid St. Garden, Alley Bike Co-op, Little Free Library, and Stanton Patio.
  7. Manage volunteers and interns, as helpful, to accomplish programmatic and outreach goals.

Position Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 1-3 years of experience in program development, project management, staff development, community development
  • Ability to inspire, train, manage and lead young adults
  • Ability to communicate with a variety of constituent groups
  • Ability to work independently and multitask
  • Willingness to leverage personal and professional networks
  • Flexible schedule, including the ability to work some evenings and weekends and handle emergencies

Required Qualifications

  • Passion and commitment to the mission and values of PULSE
  • Ability to promote the PULSE program effectively and build relationships
  • Strong commitment to the organization’s success
  • Detail oriented and strong organizational skills
  • Self-motivated
  • Good spokesperson and representative of the PULSE program


Interested individuals should send cover letter and resume to by April 29, 2018.  PULSE is an equal opportunity employer.


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