Sara Alvarez

SARA ALVAREZ (Puerto Rico/Goshen, IN / Goshen College ’12)




Sara Alvarez is a recent graduate of Goshen College.  She grew up in Puerto Rico and Goshen before studying Public Relations at Goshen College.  She worked as Editor-in-Chief of the Goshen College Record and served as a leader in the Latino Student Union.  She also was a writing mentor and a salsa dance group instructor.  Sara worked in the journalism department for the Elkhart Truth as as a graphic designer with Everence.  She worked with WYEP.

What do you love about Pittsburgh?
Discovering new places.

What is the best part about the PULSE experience?
Friends to come home to hang out with.

What does your ideal Saturday morning look like?
Relaxing and Rejuvenating.

What is the best thing about your nonprofit placement?
My coworkers are Awesome (with a capital “A”).

What are some hobbies that you would like to pursue?
Latin dancing and art.

What is a favorite cheap or free activity you’ve found in Pittsburgh?
WYEP Final Fridays

Why should someone consider joining PULSE?
It’s a great experience of learning how to live simply and helping out nonprofits.


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