About Us

Who we are:

PULSE cultivates a community of young servant leaders to transform Pittsburgh.

How we do it:

We invite talented university graduates to partner with Pittsburgh nonprofits to develop the next generation of servant leaders in our city. Nonprofit partners receive a young, talented, university graduate to build capacity in their organization while participants receive valuable job training and skill development.

We cultivate community by having our participants live together. They share meals, household tasks and life together. As a result, they grow and develop as individuals and as a group of young people working to make change in Pittsburgh.

We train and equip our participants to become servant leaders in Pittsburgh. We provide ongoing personal and professional development, mentoring relationships, and other opportunities to give our participants the support they need to succeed.

Core Purpose:

Cultivating a community of young servant leaders to transform Pittsburgh.

Core Values:

  • Engaging in the Possibility of the City
  • The Transformative Power of Service
  • Celebrating the Creative Energy of Young Adults
  • Building Strong and Enduring Relationships
  • The Exploration and Development of Faith