Alumni Story: John Allison

John Allison is a 2012-2013 PULSE alumnus. In this interview he discusses his experiences in PULSE in regards to creating community, developing leadership skills, serving in Pittsburgh.



What about the PULSE program was attractive to you? Was there anything about it that surprised you?

The part about the PULSE program that I found attractive was the potential to integrate my communal with my work life. In terms of surprises: community living is always a surprise!

What was the best part of your PULSE experience?

The best part of my PULSE experience was creating community (e.g. cooking) with fellow PULSErs.

How were you impacted by your PULSE experience?

PULSE helped develop my leadership and organizational skills, and opened me up to the world of nonprofits.

What kind of work do you do now?

I just finished up Seminary and am currently exploring the world of nonprofit education.

How did PULSE prepare you for what you are doing now?

My PULSE experience helped me hone a vision of how to serve one’s community.

How have you stayed connected with PULSE?

I’ve stayed in touch with some friends that I made in the program (as best I could while living out of state).


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