Alumni Story: Kate Stoltzfus

Yinzpiring Others: Kate Stoltzfus

“I’m blessed to work in places that gives me energy, it’s been a process to find what I love.”

Kate Stoltzfus’ involvement in Pittsburgh organizations might seem exhausting, but staying connected to her community is what gives Kate energy.

She writes regularly for her blog–Yinzpiration, which celebrates young Pittsburghers’ unique contributions to the city–and helped form a networking group for business women, Propelle. She also helps manage Plumb Media–a web development and design shop in Garfield started by Kate’s husband.

“Community is so important to me and PULSE is strong in teaching and modeling community for participants,” said Kate. “PULSE showed me about the importance of staying involved in community and caring about positive change in the neighborhood.”

PULSE also offered Kate leadership opportunities that gave her the confidence she needed to take on and succeed in her endeavors.

“I got my first leadership project outside of a job when I helped plan the PULSEations event,” said Kate. “I felt honored to help out and it gave me confidence when we successfully put together the event.”

As Kate looks towards the future, she is working towards a goal of interviewing a total of 100 people for Yinzpiration by July 2013.

After that, only she knows what projects she’ll dive into. The only certainty is that she loves Pittsburgh and will be here for a while, adding her creative energy for positive change in the community.

Story by Sara Alvarez, PULSE Participant 2012-13.

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