Alumni Story: Katherine Yoder

PULSE Alumna Katherine Yoder’s major didn’t have much to do with designing clothes. But thanks to a metal working class at Goshen College and her time as a PULSE fellow, she found herself in New York designing clothes for Eileen Fisher. Her love for art and design really took off when she took the aforementioned metal class. “It wasn’t until my last year that I became interested in designing” said Yoder. “I was about to graduate and I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I just knew that I really enjoyed the metal working class and it was my first art class.” It was at this time she started thinking about PULSE.

“I had heard about PULSE but never really considered it,” said Yoder. “But I came down to Pittsburgh, interviewed, said my interest were metalworking and that I would love to do some sort of costume work.” PULSE helped her find some placement options. Yoder went to Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild and asked if they were looking for an intern or an apprentice. She worked part time with metalworking and part time at the costume shop. She also worked at Ten Thousand Villages and took some painting and drawing classes. Through these experiences she discovered her passion for designing clothes.

When asked about the key to her success, she points to the time she had in Pittsburgh. “PULSE definitely helped me get to the profession I am at now,” said Yoder. “The metal working experience was great, but through it I learned it wasn’t what I wanted to do. That was really helpful.”

Yoder also stressed the importance of the work experience that PULSE gave her that she otherwise would have missed. “Working in arts or design you need experience, internships, or apprenticeship and so many times they don’t pay or pay enough. So I think a program like PULSE is tremendous in giving exposure and giving skills. To pursue a profession and career you need some ground work to get into it. It is hard to do on your own and PULSE is such a great opportunity.”

Story by Alex Woodring – PULSE Participant ’13-14

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