Alumni Story: Maggie Graham

“It’s impossible for me to name all the ways I’ve been impacted by PULSE.  I’ve discovered passions, personal and professionally.  I’ve made life-long friends.  I’ve been given the opportunity to serve, take ownership of project and gain job experience.  But most importantly, PULSE has instilled in me a sense of self-confidence and the knowledge that I can and will make a difference in Pittsburgh.”

Maggie Graham graduated from Waynesburg University where she studied Communication and Social Sciences.  In 2010, she joined PULSE and served with East Liberty Development, Inc. (ELDI) as their Communications Coordinator.  The PULSE program inspired Maggie to live differently:

“As a result of my experience with PULSE, I am more conscious of how the way I live affects others. This is true of my behaviors in a micro setting (within the confines of the community of the PULSE house) and in a macro setting (how my actions affect our city, state, country and world).”

After PULSE, Maggie accepted a full-time position as ELDI’s Communication Coordinator, continuing the good work she started in PULSE.

Maggie gives nonprofits a voice.  She is passionate about the city of Pittsburgh and all it has to offer.  Maggie loves social media and helping women succeed in every area of life. Outside of the office, you can find her exploring the ‘Burgh, trying out a new recipe and knitting.

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