Alumni Story: Rebecca Dyck

Rebecca Dyck is a 2013-2014 PULSE alumnae, and joined PULSE for a second year in 2014-2015. In this interview she discusses her experiences in PULSE in regards to creating community, developing leadership skills, serving in Pittsburgh.

What about the PULSE program was attractive to you? Was there anything about it that surprised you?

I decided to do PULSE after I finished my undergrad degree because I was still searching for what career path I wanted to pursue. I was looking for an opportunity to gain experience in the non-profit sector and explore my interests, and PULSE was the perfect way to do this.

What was the best part of your PULSE experience?

The relationships I built with my fellow PULSErs were the best part of my PULSE experience. Through shared meals, exploring Pittsburgh together, and good conversations I developed lifelong friendships, had tonnes of fun, and learned a lot about myself. Shout-out to PULSE years 13-14 and 14-15!

What did the PULSE experience teach you about yourself?

My time serving with non-profits through PULSE taught me about my strong abilities to be effective in the workplace. Coming out of PULSE, I knew the value I could bring to an organization and how I could be an agent for change.

What kind of work do you do now?

I am currently a gradate student, about to finish my Masters of Public Policy degree at the University of Toronto. My capstone research project is focused on how to use policy to advance gender equity in Canada.

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