Fellow Story: Adam Gerard

“PULSE and my housemates have challenged me to engage in the community around me, as well as focus on myself as a part of that community. “

Adam Gerard grew up in Greencastle, Indiana and attended Houghton College where he earned a degree in Theology. Adam is passionate about serving others and ministering to communities and people, which he pursued through an internship with Roachdale Christian Church. He also served as the International Development Intern for the Global Outreach Development International where he taught English and Physical Education to school age children, as well as helped expand their sustainable garden and building projects. Adam is a part of the Northside cohort and serves with Riverside Center for Innovation. Adam was interviewed by D’Khorvillyn Tyus.

D’Khorvillyn: How has PULSE inspired you to live/think/act differently?

Adam: PULSE has challenged me to broaden my perspective on things. Despite possible disagreements, I’ve gained the ability to see issues from someone else’s point of view. PULSE has also given me the ability to access resources, if needed, to further educate myself on different topics. Simply knowing that the resources are available for my utilization is great.

D’Khorvillyn: What have you enjoyed most about living in community? How have you and your housemates pushed/encouraged one another? 

Adam: I’ve always lived in a community, but there is a difference in living in the PULSE community. It’s typical when living within a community for people to be more focused on themselves rather than others. PULSE and my housemates, however, have challenged me to engage in the community around me, in addition to focusing on myself as a part of that community.

D’Khorvillyn: What have you enjoyed most about your nonprofit partnership?

Adam: I have enjoyed the ability to be challenged not only in my work, but also in my personal life. The work that I seek to put out is reflective of the needs of the community, and indicative of the changes I want to see or the changes that I’m most passionate about.

D’Khorvillyn: How do you like to spend your morning and evening commute?

Adam: It can vary… sometimes I listen and talk to the people around me, other times I listen to music or whatever is on the radio. Overall, I try to do something different each day.

D’Khorvillyn: What are three words you would use to describe your PULSE year so far?

Adam: The Burgess Bunch.

D’Khorvillyn: What is the most interesting/fun adventure you’ve had in Pittsburgh so far?

Adam: I volunteered with The Pittsburgh Project and was able to work on a house in Mount Washington.

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