Fellow Story: Jack Shomberg

“I’m learning about how much I value relationships. I feel like my success in my non-profit comes from nurturing those relationships.” -Jack Shomberg

A graduate of Goshen College, Jack Shomberg majored in Environmental Science – Sustainability. He was heavily involved in community service at Goshen, including his work in Cambodia, where he served as a Sustainable Agricultural Associate and an English teacher. He also worked as a Utility Forest for Arbor Metric Solutions, a Maple Scholar with the Mary Lee Environmental Center, and a Technology Assistant for Goshen. Jack’s hobbies include programming, hiking, and camping.  He is a part of the Northside cohort, and is serving at Western Pennsylvania Conservancy.

Doug Wampler: What has been the most valuable part of the PULSE experience so far?

Jack Shomberg: Building up my work experience. I also really love the built-in community that you get with other PULSE fellows, the house community, and the mentorship program.

Doug: How has PULSE inspired you to live/think/act differently?

Jack: I’m learning about how much I value relationships. I feel like my success in my non-profit comes from nurturing those relationships.

Doug: What do you enjoy most about your nonprofit partnership?

Jack: I like that I have a direct impact on the city with the many greening projects. I even see a few on my drive to my nonprofit.

Doug: What have you enjoyed most about living in community?

Jack: Being with roommates that understand we all came in here with different goals but still making time to come together to watch a movie or have dinner.

Doug: Describe a typical day at your nonprofit partnership.

Jack: Well in Winter things slow down a bit. My main responsibilities are helping to get thing ready in the spring for planting. So we are doing site checks to see how much mulch we will need and what new trees/flower to plant.

Doug: What surprised you most about Pittsburgh?

Jack: How many bridges there are.

Doug: What is the most interesting/fun adventure you’ve had in Pittsburgh so far?

Jack: Sometimes Doug and I go to Condado’s for their happy hour after seminar.

Doug: What’s your favorite “family meal” recipe for the house?

Jack: Alex makes a really good BBQ chicken

Doug: What is the best part of the PULSE experience?

Jack: Being able to build a network around Pittsburgh for future career development.

Story by PULSE Fellow Doug Wampler.

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