Fellow Story: Ryan Prescott

Everybody brings something else to the table that you did not know of. It is always interesting listening to others and sharing your experience.” -Ryan Prescott

Ryan Prescott grew up in Chagrin Falls, Ohio and attended Mercyhurst University where he earned a degree in Criminal Justice, with a concentration in Law Enforcement, while also earning a minor in Criminology. At Mercyhurst, he devoted much of his time to the Boys and Girls Club and Relay for Life. Ryan interned with both the Northeast Police Department and the Erie County Sheriff’s Office. He also presented research on the public perception of police at the American Criminal Justice Sciences conference. In his free time, Ryan enjoys camping, fishing, hanging out with friends, playing video games, and traveling.  He is a part of the South Hilltop cohort, and is serving at Venture Outdoors.

Jack Shomberg: What has been the most valuable part of the PULSE experience so far?

Ryan Prescott: Honestly, I think the networking opportunities and outreach we have available are the most valuable. The amount of support surrounding my every decision is very comforting. The Program Coordinator’s are constantly trying to nudge you in the right direction or are nudging you to the right people.

Jack: How has PULSE inspired you to live/think/act differently?

Ryan: PULSE has me thinking with a community-oriented approach. Also, serving as a community liaison for Venture Outdoors helps me think about the bigger picture.

Jack: Tell me something you are learning about yourself through PULSE.

Ryan: I am learning that I can be more of an extrovert when needed and not being shy. Almost like adventuring into new territory.

Jack: What do you enjoy most about your nonprofit partnership?

Ryan: I really enjoy outreach and working with kids. I was somewhat new to working with kids, so I did not know how well I would like it. I now look forward to the after school programs every day. Seeing the kids get all excited when you show up to go outside and do activities is worthwhile. It really makes going into service every day amazing!

Jack: What have you enjoyed most about living in community?

Ryan: I have enjoyed living in a larger house with more roommates. There is always someone home at any given time, which is nice if you had a stressful day and need to vent.

Jack: Describe a typical day at your nonprofit partnership.

Ryan: Typically, I start off with either a meeting with my supervisor or a meeting somewhere in Pittsburgh. I travel a lot with Venture Outdoors. After that, I am usually in the office for only a few hours and then I am off to lead my after-school activities for youth in the South Hilltop area. I mostly serve with Brashear Association, A Giving Heart, and Phillips.

Jack: What surprised you most about Pittsburgh?

Ryan: I was really surprised at how crazy some of these drivers are here. I didn’t know the Pittsburgh left was a thing. Also, you have to be more of an aggressive driver because people don’t just let you in, you have to force your way in.

Jack: What is the most interesting/fun adventure you’ve had in Pittsburgh so far?

Ryan: The most interesting/fun adventure I have had this far is probably with one of my after-school programs. We do an activity called bike rodeo at Venture Outdoors. It is basically just an obstacle course for youth on bikes. This was the most fun because I taught a little girl named Sienna how to ride a bike. Seeing the reaction on her face after she did it all by herself honestly made my week.

Jack: What’s your favorite “family meal” recipe for the house?

Ryan: Anything breakfast or anything on the grill.

Jack: What is the best part of the PULSE experience?

Ryan: The best part of my PULSE experience so far is meeting the other PULSE Fellows. Everybody brings something else to the table that you did not know of. It is always interesting listening to others and sharing your experience.


Story by PULSE Fellow Jack Shomberg.

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