How are nonprofits impacted by PULSE?

PULSE allowed us to increase our capacity during a time of transition and financial insecurity.  Thanks to the work of our PULSE participant, I was able to focus on other things while our programs continued to flourish.  We are ending the year in a much better place than when we began.  This is in no small part the result of having partnered with PULSE.

Myrna NewmanExecutive Director, Allegheny Cleanways


Over 75 alumni continue to work in nonprofit sector in Pittsburgh, contributing thousands of hours to the city and its residents.  PULSE has found new ways to retain and attract a workforce that will help forge a new economy in Pittsburgh.  Alumni are serving at the following organizations, among others, in Pittsburgh:

  • Grounded
  • Friendship Circle
  • Green Building Alliance
  • Hilltop Alliance
  • AgeWell
  • Oakland Planning and Development Corporation
  • STEM Coding Lab
  • Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh
  • Mid-Atlantic Mother’s Milkbank
  • WQED 



Check out our Partner Stories!

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Southwestern Pennsylvania Partnership for Aging(SWPPA) is a 27-year-old, volunteer-led organization with over 300 members who represent over one million older adults across 10 counties of Southwestern Pennsylvania. They act as a catalyst to promote policy, program and systems change that improves quality of life for all people, particularly for our oldest generations. They provide a neutral forum...
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Mid-Atlantic Mothers’ Milk Bank recognizes the importance of breast milk to optimize the health and well-being of all babies, especially medically vulnerable infants. When mothers’ own milk is unavailable, Mid-Atlantic Mothers’ Milk Bank provides donor human milk, which is collected and processed according to the guidelines set forth by the Human Milk Banking Association of...
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To improve the lives of all Americans, the American Heart Association provides public health education in a variety of ways. They are the nation’s leader in CPR education training. They help people understand the importance of healthy lifestyle choices.  They also educate lawmakers, policymakers and the public as they advocate for changes to protect and...
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PUMP’s mission is to make Pittsburgh the most dynamic and diverse place by engaging, educating, and mobilizing all young people to create change in our community. Each year, they serve nearly 30,000 individuals, primarily under the age of 40, through their programming. Lindsay Cashman is the Advocacy +  Public Policy Director of PUMP.. In the...
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First Presbyterian Church of Pitsburgh’s is committed transforming Pittsburgh by awakening a new generation to life in Christ. Through the Downtown Ministerium’s Walk-In Ministry, they help those in need acquire food, clothing and other necessities, partnering with both local and international organizations to spread the Gospel. Dan Turis is the Minister of Outreach of First Presbyterian....
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Global Links is a medical relief and development organization dedicated to supporting health improvement initiatives in resource-poor communities and promoting environmental stewardship in the US healthcare system. Maura O’Neill is the Development Manager of Global Links. In the following interview, she speaks about the experience of partnering with PULSE. CC: Why did your organization decide to work with...
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A+ Schools is the community advocate and leader for educational equity and excellence in Pittsburgh Public Schools. Their core purpose and focus of their work is to remove any barriers to equity in our schools. They are dedicated to educating the public, increasing awareness and engaging the community in efforts to advance change. James Fogarty...
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Environmental Charter School is a place where education is shared and celebrated. At ECS, they believe in continual innovation that develops students into critical thinkers, thoughtful innovators, and well-rounded scholars. They provide students the tools and educational foundation to become tomorrow’s global citizens and strive to teach students how their choices impact the world around them....
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