Participant Story – Alex Woodring

AlexW_btn“I love living in a city. I love how it makes you feel connected and part of a collective. Living in Pittsburgh has brought me closer to the human experience. The experience of living in the city with fellow young people is so rewarding. I never thought a highlight of my day would be riding the bus or simply waiting for the bus with fellow Pittsburghers.”  #YoungPeopleInTheCity   – Alex Woodring

Alex Woodring loves the radio. He loves listening to it and learning about the inner workings that go on behind the scenes. Alex graduated from Bluffton University in 2012, with a B.A. in Communication.  His passion for radio comes in handy with his PULSE placement at 91.3 WYEP.  Alex serves in the Education Department, teaching student in Propel Schools about music appreciation, audio production, and the inner workings of radio.  When Alex isn’t involved at the radio station, teaching media at schools, or with the Reimagine Media program, his dream Saturday in Pittsburgh would involved listening to All Songs Considered and then letting whatever the city has to offer that day take control.

What do you love about Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh is a city without the crazy cost of living, claustrophobic packing of people and surplus of rude people. I’ve always wanted to go move to a city- (any city!) and I’ve spent some time in  New York and  Chicago but after a month in Pittsburgh I fell in love with everything about the city.

What is the best part of the PULSE experience?

This is tough to narrow down. PULSE is all about that E. I’m getting such good experience at my placement in a field I love. I’m also getting a unique experience at a nonprofit radio station. But the experience goes beyond my professional career (even though I can’t believe the abundant professional experience I’m getting in just one year).

What are some hobbies that you would like to pursue or have started pursuing?

Before moving to Pittsburgh and especially before college I worked at home on our family farm. Because of this, I never got into gardening. However, living in the Graham House, it is a hobby I’m slowly picking up. It is hard not to jump in when your backyard is one big community garden. I’ve always wanted to get into woodworking.

What is something about Pittsburgh that has surprised you?

The politeness. Cities are not supposed to be polite. Yet, I can’t help but notice that, for the most part, people are generally nice human beings. Something that shouldn’t be surprising but compared to a city like New York, it is night and day. In Pittsburgh, you don’t have to ask for directions. You just look lost and at least two or three people will give you directions (not always the easiest to follow but directions nonetheless).< How has PULSE inspired you to live/think/act differently?

Out of  four of my housemates Graham residents, two are environmental studies students now working at environmental nonprofits. Living in this intentional community has really inspired me to be more conscious of my personal footprint.  Bluffton University prepared me to an informed citizen that is concerned about the environment. The concern has always been focused on the large scale. But since being in PULSE, I’ve really started looking into what I can do and helping out on the small scale.

Story by Anna Wildermuth (Pawsey) – PULSE Alumnus ’10-11, ’11-12

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