Participant Story: Jimson Mathew


“I think the best part about living in community is probably coming home after work and being surrounded with people that I enjoy living with, and being able to talk about my day and interact with people outside of work..” – Jimson Mathew


Jimson Mathew of Abu Dhabi, UAE received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Saint Joseph’s University. He served as a tutor at the school’s Learning Resource Center and did mathematical research in the Summer Scholars Program. His service experience includes involvement with The Philadelphia Project, where he assisted with home repair, and his leadership of the Ignite Freshman Retreat for Saint Joseph’s. Jimson has also been involved with faith communities in his volunteering with Citylight Church and as a leader of the DTP Christian Fellowship, where he facilitated weekly meetings with 65 students to promote their spiritual development. THis hobbies include journaling, reading, and chirography. He is serving at Homewood Children’s Village.

Shruti Revankar: What is the best part of the PULSE experience?

Jimson Mathew: The best part of the PULSE experience is its emphasis on humility, openness, and learning. Some of my best experiences involves talking with the PULSE staff. Hearing about their lives and experiences when they were my age or hearing them answer the questions I have with utmost openness and honesty is something that is very much counter-cultural. It is easy to seclude oneself to one’s own world and merely exchange pleasantries with another person. The staff at PULSE are very open about answering poignant questions. They consider you to be family. Seeing that level of openness and honesty has created some of my best experiences in PULSE.

Shruti: Tell me something you are learning about yourself through PULSE.

Jimson: I am learning the importance of self-care in my life. Often times when I don’t get enough sleep or exercise, I notice that I am feeling down. As someone who is quite accustomed with being melancholy, not having sleep or exercise can exacerbate my mood. I am thankful that PULSE had a seminar on self-care with Val–I liked how she pointed at different aspects of self-care. It helped me a lot. Getting enough sleep is something that is required for me.

Shruti: What do you enjoy most about your nonprofit partnership?

Jimson: I enjoy the folks at my nonprofit partnership, Homewood Children’s Village (HCV), the most. These are individuals who are very passionate about seeing their community revitalized. When they are given a task, they don’t merely see it as a job to be completed…they go one step further and see who is impacted by the work. They are very people-centric. I am in awe of how selfless my co-workers are. They are humble and give me advice on what I can improve on which I appreciate. I love the “learning culture” that we have at HCV. Also, they seek to know what you’re interested in and how you can use the talents that you possess to impact the community around you. Our CEO grew up in Homewood and his passion for revitalizing the community is a genuine one-honestly that permeates through the entire organization. That energy of wanting to enact change is something I really appreciate.

Shruti: What surprised you most about Pittsburgh?

Jimson: The history of Pittsburgh with the steel mill industry surprised me. I didn’t realize how rich a history it possessed. When we went to visit Carrie Furnace, I appreciated seeing the history behind everything–how the past was still preserved in the present. In addition to that, the other thing that surprised me, was the hope that people have for Pittsburgh. People are very much galvanized to see Pittsburgh grow. Seeing the heart of individuals who want Pittsburgh to transform was amazing. I hadn’t thought of that before until I saw the passion folks had for this city. I am in awe of the people at my nonprofit partnership because of how much they care for their community. There are those who have seen Homewood in its heyday and they have that passion to restore Homewood to its former glory. Seeing that passion and that fervor is at once inspiring and surprising to me.

Shruti: What’s your favorite “family meal” recipe for the house?

Jimson: I don’t want it to seem like I have a favorite cook or a favorite recipe that trumps all other recipes. So, I’m not exactly sure? To err on the side of caution, I think I would say…I’m not sure. ALL of the food we have and wil have has been wonderful. There isn’t one recipe that rules them all. Haha.

Story by PULSE Participant Shruti Revankar.

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