Participant Story: Molly Recka

Molly Recka

“The idea that I would be able to develop a community while moving to a new city made it easy to join Pittsburgh Urban Leadership Service Experience (PULSE),”- Molly Recka, PULSE ’14-’15 Participant.

While Molly Recka planned her future after graduating with a major in Anthropology from College of Wooster, she knew she wanted to find a strong community like she had at her small college.

Over the last year, Molly served with the Lawrenceville Corporation, an organization working toward community development in the Lawrenceville Neighborhood. At the corporation she was the communications and marketing assistant.

Here Molly tells more of her experience with PULSE:

Sara Alvarez: What do you enjoy most about your placement?

Molly Recka: I have loved getting to know the neighborhood. It is so much more than the hipster paradise that the media describes. I have met incredible, caring and dedicated small business owners, community supporters and residents. I feel lucky to have gotten to know this neighborhood and some of people who make it what it is and what it has become over years of hard work.

Sara: What surprised you most about Pittsburgh?

Molly: It took me a while to figure out the layout of Pittsburgh and how the neighborhoods are divided. I love that each neighborhood has specific characteristics and personality. I have also been surprised how bike-friendly it is! The PULSE Fellows this year are very into biking (thanks to Abe Stucky) and I have come to love getting to know the city on two wheels.

Sara: What have you enjoyed most about living with PULSE community?

Molly: I love being able to come home after work to a great group of people to talk to and share meals with – I live with some great cooks! There are always fun things going on in the city and lucky for me, I have plenty of PULSE friends who are always willing to explore with me!

Sara: What was the most valuable part of the PULSE experience?

Molly: I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to move to a new city, establish connections and make friends after graduating college. Post-grad life is not always easy but PULSE has been a great first step and I’m thankful for the last eleven months with PULSE.

Story by PULSE Alumna Sara Alvarez.

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