Participant Story: Shruti Revankar


“Even if it is only a few months in, I feel I have made friendships that will last more than eleven months. I’m so glad that I made connections with such wonderful people.” – Shruti Revankar


Shruti Revankar grew up in Houston, Texas, and attended the University of Pittsburgh where she earned a degree in Neuroscience. She was awarded the Community Based Research Fellowship twice by Pitt’s Honors College to work with Amachi Pittsburgh, an organization that serves children whose parents are incarcerated. During her time at Pitt, she was chosen to present knowledge on mental health disparities among marginalized populations and community-based research at two national conferences. Shruti likes exploring “hole in the wall” places and restaurants, reading novels, and watching documentaries. She is serving at 3E Now.

Jimson Mathew: What has been the most valuable part of the PULSE experience so far?

Shruti Revankar: The most valuable part of the PULSE experience has been the connections I’ve made in PULSE and the nonprofit sector. As an aspiring physician and someone who aims to be in involved in politics in my future, knowing how nonprofits interact with communities, each other and the government will be useful in the future. Concerning the connections I made in PULSE, even if it is only a few months in, I feel I have made friendships that will last more than eleven months. I’m so glad that I made connections with such wonderful people.

Jimson: How has PULSE inspired you to live/think/act differently?

Shruti: Often times, it’s easy to think that if someone is on the same political or social spectrum as you are, they have the same perspective on a given topic. PULSE has inspired me to think of the other person’s point of view, even if it might be different. As a result, I am challenged by their views. And, I have a more nuanced reason for my own views on these topics.

Jimson: What have you enjoyed most about living in community?

Shruti: I like that everyone has each other’s back. No one is cut-throat. Each person truly cares about one another’s well being. Even though we may not all be close, every person in the PULSE community cares for each other. And I knew that If I was in a pickle there would be 30+ people who would be willing to see me through it.

Jimson: What have you enjoy most about your nonprofit partnership?

Shruti: There are two things I enjoy: first, the level of independence. At my nonprofit partnership, I feel like an adult and not just a recent college graduate. I have the freedom to pursue my initiatives and vision. This has enabled me to grow personally and professionally.

Second, I enjoy being in contact with teens and middle schoolers. I have younger siblings, and I miss being around individuals of that age; so, I appreciate being able to have an “older sister role” even if only for an hour.

Jimson: What is the most interesting/fun adventure you’ve had in Pittsburgh so far?

Shruti: I can’t think of a single adventure, but a few of us have explored Pittsburgh together, namely its restaurants, parks, and cemeteries. A combo of good food, a random hole in the wall place, and good friends make for a fun adventure for me.

Story by PULSE Participant Jimson Mathew.

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