Participant Story: Tom McIntyre

I enjoy serving with a lot of passionate people who are willing to work with me through and on my personal growth.” – Tom McIntyre


Thomas McIntyre hails from New York, and completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Pittsburgh, receiving degrees in both Linguistics and Political Science.  At Pitt, Thomas was a member of the Songburghs acapella group and Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity.  During his time in school, he was heavily involved in the Pitt Dance Marathon which raises funds and awareness for the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. He also spent two years working with PittServes.  Thomas is passionate about food justice, connecting with community members, and hopes to pursue a legal career. He also enjoys participating in musicals and singing has been a lifelong hobby.  He is a part of the East End cohort, and is serving at Planned Parenthood Western PA.

KeAndra Hollis: What has been the most valuable part of the PULSE experience so far?

Tom McIntyre: PULSE is connected to so many different people in the community. For example, Chris Cooke has so many connections within Pittsburgh that he is excited to share with us. This has allowed me to grow professionally, while also allowing me to be more effective within my partnership and as a servant leader.

KeAndra: How has PULSE inspired you to live/think/act differently?

Tom: PULSE does an amazing job inspiring discussion. I am able to engage in “safe topics”, as well as uncomfortable topics with people who I may not know very well. For example, I have been able to engage in open conversation with one of my roommates about their stance on marriage. Though we have different views, I have learned that these discussions matter in order to understand where people are coming from and how our unique experiences have led us to have different perspectives.

KeAndra: What is the most interesting/fun adventure you’ve had in Pittsburgh so far?

Tom: My favorite adventure so far was attending the Art Crawl Downtown with some fellow PULSErs. There was free wine and art. It was amazing. I participated in a project in which an artist was making plaster noses of people passing through the art gallery. After the artist made a casting of my nose, I was able to take someone else’s plaster nose home. After the art crawl, we took the T to Hilltopolis where there was food, drinks, vendors, and a music group performing right over Pittsburgh’s beautiful skyline. That night was very fun.

KeAndrea: What do you enjoy most about your nonprofit partnership?

Tom: I enjoy serving with a lot of passionate people who are willing to work with me through and on my personal growth. Additionally, I’ve always been passionate about HIV awareness and I’ve really enjoyed being able to bring out that passion through a project (finger-prick testing) within my partnership. The opportunity is extremely rewarding.

KeAndrea: What have you enjoyed most about living in community?

Tom: I like that when I come home, my housemates are always there doing something, whether it’s watching television, playing a game, or just talking with one another.  It’s great to always have the company of one of my roommates.

Story by PULSE Participant KeAndra Hollis.

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