Partner story: 91.3fm WYEP

WYEP_40_V_RGB Matthew Spangler WYEPWYEP is a public radio station that offers Pittsburgh a unique variety of music. The station also hosts community events like free festivals, concerts and children’s events. PULSE’s partnership with WYEP dates back over 10 years. This year, Alex Woodring is an Ed. and Community Engagement Asst. He teaches music appreciation, audio production and radio at Propel Schools. He also helps at the radio station and with events.

Matthew Spangler, the director for Education and Community Engagement, talked about how PULSE Fellows have impacted WYEP.

SA: Why did your organization decide to work with PULSE?

Spangler: PULSE is a great organization that has outstanding participants. The organization is well run and the quality of service is high. Since WYEP’s mission is to be an independent voice, that inspires the Pittsburgh community with diverse music and vibrant ideas, I believe WYEP chose to work with PULSE because both organizations are centered on building a diverse community in Pittsburgh.

SA: What is the most rewarding part of working with PULSE?

Spangler: Working with the amazing participants of PULSE has been rewarding. The participants are here to learn and share their skills and interests. I have been fortunate to work directly with three PULSE Fellows. This experience has had a positive impact on my career.

SA: How has your partnership with PULSE impacted your organization?

Spangler: PULSE has impacted WYEP directly. For instance two former PULSE Fellows have been hired by WYEP. The first WYEP Director of Education and Community Engagement, Stephen Bontrager, and WYEP/WESA Traffic Coordinator, Alisha Rinefierd, are former PULSE Fellows.

SA: What do you like most about the PULSE Fellows you’ve had?

Spangler: I have appreciated the dedication and expertise each of the three PULSE Fellows I have worked with brought to the table. The PULSE Fellows experience a variety of workplace duties while at WYEP. They teach in schools, help with webpage design, assist with event planning and pursue their own interests at the station. This is not a typical 9 to 5 position and the PULSE Fellows have not disappointed.

SA: What would you tell other Pittsburgh nonprofits about PULSE?

Spangler: PULSE is a great opportunity for Pittsburgh nonprofits to receive an extra hand for their programs. Organizations will love the opportunity to work with PULSE and the quality of the participants.

Story by PULSE Alumna Sara Alvarez.

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