Partner Story: Global Links

Global Links is a medical relief and development organization dedicated to supporting health improvement initiatives in resource-poor communities and promoting environmental stewardship in the US healthcare system.

Maura O’Neill is the Development Manager of Global Links. In the following interview, she speaks about the experience of partnering with PULSE.

CC: Why did your organization decide to work with PULSE?

MO: Global Links was interested in putting more resources into our social media strategy and getting assistance implementing our marketing and communications plans. With a limited budget, partnering with PULSE was a smart and mutually beneficial way to get an accomplished individual on our team and share our mission with a service-oriented organization.

CC: What is the most rewarding part of working with PULSE?

MO: Understanding PULSE’s thoughtful vetting process for participants meant that Global Links could expect to find an individual who would fully understand our mission and bring the same passion to the job as our other employees.

CC: How has your partnership with PULSE impacted your organization?

MO: The obviously impact on Global Links has been the work that our PULSE Fellow is doing on a daily basis. Having a smart, dependable, and engaged Fellow has brought so much to our staff. Our Fellow, Kaylee, along with our AmeriCorps HealthCorps Member and other younger employees, is part of an energetic group that brings fresh ideas and new ways of thinking to our organization.

CC: What do you like most about your current PULSE follow and/or other fellows you’ve worked with?

MO: Flexibility, creativity, and her faith.

CC: What would you tell other Pittsburgh nonprofits about PULSE?

MO: PULSE really is an affordable way to get a dynamic individual working for your organization and at the same time, helping to mentor an individual that will go on to do great things in the world.

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