Partner Story: Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

Pittsburgh Cultural Trust transformed downtown Pittsburgh into a world-class Cultural District that is a shining beacon of urban revitalization through the arts. “Hundreds of artists, thousands of students, and millions of people expand their horizons in the theaters, galleries, and public art environments. Named “the single greatest creative force in Pittsburgh because of its spirit of reinvention” by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Trust is the catalyst behind Pittsburgh’s thriving Cultural district and continues to enrich the region’s vibrancy and prosperity.”

Diana Roth is the Senior Communications Manager of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust. In the following interview, she speaks about the experience of partnering with PULSE.

CC: How has your partnership with PULSE impacted your organization?

DR: PULSE has provided the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust with the opportunity to have a PULSE fellow on staff and working together on a variety of projects over the past year has opened the door to mutual exchange of ideas and growth in our cultural connections with the community.

CC: What do you like most about your current PULSE follow and/or other fellows you’ve worked with?

DR: Our PULSE fellow is professional, hard working, and a great team member.

CC: What would you tell other Pittsburgh nonprofits about PULSE?

DR: I would highly recommend organizations to consider a partnership with PULSE.

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