Partner Story: The Friendship Circle

The Friendship Circle was established in ‘Pittsburgh’s Jewish Community in 2006, and is dedicated to integrating adults with special needs more fully into the broader community. The program engages children and young adults with and without special needs in a full range of social activities. The Friendship Circle aims to enrich the lives of all participants through mutually advantageous interactions, creating lasting friendships which consequently strengthen the Jewish and greater community’.

Rabbi Mordy is the Executive Director of the Friendship Circle Pittsburgh. In the following interview, he speaks about the experience partnering with PULSE.

CC:  Why did your organization decide to work with PULSE?

RM: We heard PULSE was a fabulous way to cultivate new talent who would appreciate our mission and that the fellows are, by and large, very capable.

CC: What is the most rewarding part of working with PULSE?

RM: The guidance and assurance we have from the leadership at PULSE have been huge. We also have been extremely fortunate with Kahley (current PULSEr)! She fits the culture of FC and our mission like a glove.

CC: How has your partnership with PULSE impacted your organization?

RM: The programs that Kahley has been involved in have developed astronomically under her leadership. I like to think she has grown a great deal as a person but the organization as a whole, and many specific programs, are better because or Kahley (and PULSE)!

CC: What do you like most about your current PULSE follow and/or other fellows you’ve worked with?

RM: We don’t have much to compare Kahley to, but her friendliness, ability, creativity have all truly enhanced us.

CC:What would you tell other Pittsburgh nonprofits about PULSE?

RM: You certainly have the opportunity to find the right fitting fellow for what you are looking for, but, once you do, you can have the confidence knowing that you are cultivating a leader while getting a dedicated person on board!

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