PULSE Fellow Video Story – Ashish Bibireddy

Meet Ashish. Upon graduating from the University of Pittsburgh, Ashish wanted to explore an intersection between his passions in wellness and community.  Ashish was seeking an opportunity to positively impact others while also experience growth as an individual.  Ashish chose a year of service with PULSE. 

Ashish is learning how communities thrive when empowered to reach their full potential together.  Through his nonprofit partner, Ashish implements wellness programs with local leaders empowering communities across Pittsburgh. At home, on the Northside of Pittsburgh, Ashish finds strength in the mutual respect he shares with his neighbors and fellow PULSE participants for the overall growth of the community.

Ashish has chosen to serve, live, and grow in community with others to bring about a positive collective impact in Pittsburgh.  PULSE understands this passion to serve today will make a lasting change in Pittsburgh communities and beyond for the future.