PULSE Grows Again! Expands Program to the Northside

??????????????????PULSE Grows Again! Expands Program to the Northside.

For the first time in PULSE’s twenty-one year history, we’ve decided to expand our flagship program in the East End to the Northside of Pittsburgh. In August, we will welcome sixteen additional participants to four houses and create a “Northside Cohort”.

We look forward to our growth to the Northside and the ways that we can give back to young adults, nonprofits and Northside neighborhoods and residents.  Read stories from PULSE participants, alumni, nonprofit partners, and neighborhood residents.

In total, we will welcome 32 young adults to “cultivate a larger community of young servant leaders to transform Pittsburgh”.  32 PULSErs next year!

Over the last 21 years, we’ve invited about 200 young adults to partner with 100 Pittsburgh nonprofits, contributing some 350,000 hours of service to the city and its residents.  Read more about our impact.

To learn more about our Northside campaign visit:  NORTHSIDE: LOOKING FORWARD, GIVING BACK