PULSE LIVE #2 – November 27

PULSE Pitch and Community Engagement
Two weeks ago, some of our Fellows participated in an event called PULSE Pitch: they presented community projects in hopes of getting funded to carry that project out. Tonight, we will with Fellows who pitched their ideas and got funded! Additionally, we cover other growth opportunities such as House Community Events, mentoring, seminars, coaching, and volunteering.

What is PULSE Pitch? What PULSE Pitch ideas got funded? What are the next steps for these projects? What are HCE’s? What have been the best seminars so far? Who serves as mentors, and what do you do?
Ask these questions and any others you have – PULSE related or not – during the stream.

PULSE Live! is a monthly live broadcast that touches upon key, fun aspects of the PULSE Fellowship experience. Tune in the last Tuesday of every month to interact with current PULSE Fellows to learn about their experience and to learn how to become a Fellow yourself.

October’s Theme: PULSE Pitch and Community Engagement
Join us with this link: https://youtu.be/zSvHatPSQ98

What is PULSE?
PULSE cultivates a community of young servant leaders to transform Pittsburgh. We invite talented university graduates to partner with nonprofits for a year of service and leadership. PULSE Fellows serve with a Pittsburgh non-profit, live with other participants in intentional community and grow as leaders through our personal development program. Through all our activities, we equip and develop young people to be civic and community leaders with a heart for service.


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