Host Committee


Host Committee members agree to come and bring at least four or five people (6 people including you) with them to PULSE25, Friday, April 26th, from 7-10pm at NovaPlace (VIP 6-7pm).  Host Committee members also agree to bring a bottle of wine and/or obtain an auction item for the event. Just invite your friends, co-workers, neighbors and anyone else you think might be interested in the work of PULSE.


Ally Carter
Ann Brooks
Annie Clough
Ashley Morgan and Trevor Young-Hyman
Bernie and Kathleen Good
Cathy Blanchard
Chris and Kelly Cooke
Craig Sewall and Katie Robb Sewall
Dara DeChellis
Emily and Mike Hilf
Erin Marie Williams-Hatala
Haeshah Davis
Harry and Betty Kunze
James and Allison Eash
JoAnn Patross and Fred Peters
Joel Garceau III
John & Milonica Stahl-Wert
John Tompkins and Monique Howze
Josh and Meg Van Dyke
Justin Romano
Kaleab and Alyssa Abebe
Katie Tarara
Kristian Penn
Laura Debick
Leilani Mears
Lucas Miller and Kristi Powers
Lynda Stucky
Maggie Graham
Mick Torre
Nate and Megan Troxell
Neal Donovan
Neil Stauffer and Susanna Meyer
Nik and Kate Stoltzfus
Paola Scommegna 
Rob and Janna Lettan
Rob and Genna Gertenberger
Scott and Jonnett Maurer
Shari Leidig Holland and Scott Holland
Stephan Bontrager and Michael Kostiew
Tonya Markiewicz