Why join PULSE?

Five Quick Reasons

  1. Get your foot in the door – break into a position that might otherwise be closed off to you.
  2. Don’t go at it alone – live in a house full of other young professionals starting their careers who are experiencing some of the same things you are experiencing.
  3. Live in the city – experience the possibility of Pittsburgh, a great city with a ton to offer.
  4. Develop personally and professionally – grow in the knowledge of yourself, others, nonprofits, and the city through seminars, retreats, mentoring and other experiences.
  5. The PULSE reputation and alumni community – PULSE has a strong reputation in the community.  Network with 100+ alumni who live in Pittsburgh, most within a mile from the PULSE houses.


NONPROFIT PARTNERSHIP – Invite talented, university graduates and other young professionals to partner with nonprofits for a year of service and leadership


COMMUNITY LIVING – Cultivate community by having participants live together and share meals, household tasks, finances and learning experiences.


TRAINING/DEVELOPMENT – Train and equip participants to become servant leaders in Pittsburgh by providing regular, personal and professional development opportunities.