General Information

Why invest in the PULSE Summer Experience?

Over 50% of the world’s population (and growing) lives in urban centers. The Church needs Kingdom-minded people to invest and develop our cities. PULSE Summer Experience creates opportunities for young people to see the city both for what “it is” and what it “could be”. Their lives will be changed as they come face to face with the challenges of the inner city and meet living examples of people who are witnesses to God’s love in the city.

What is the PULSE Summer Experience?

PULSE (Pittsburgh Urban Leadership Service Experience) cultivates a community of young servant leaders to transform Pittsburgh. The PULSE Summer Experience is an urban service and leadership trip designed to develop young people. They are weekend trips (2-3 nights) in Pittsburgh during the month of August. We partner with local churches and other organizations to create an experience where individuals come face to face with the people, realities and promise of the city.

What will PULSE participants do?

Participants will learn about the Kingdom of God in the city of Pittsburgh. From neighborhood tours, group discussions, readings on urban issues, meetings with community leaders, etc, participants will grow in their knowledge and understanding of what it means to work for the “peace and prosperity” of our cities. Participants will do a day of service in the city. We also will create a number of opportunities for participants to break bread with various community groups, churches, etc to expose them to different groups of people living out a Kingdom vision.

Where do PULSE participants stay?

Participants stay in the PULSE house, located on the border of the East Liberty and Highland Park neighborhood. The house is three stories with eight bedrooms, two and a half baths, living room, dining room, family room, and kitchen. The house is fully furnished including the kitchen. See some pictures on our Flickr site.

How must does it cost?

Cost $100/weekend, $150 long weekend. Available during the month of August. Will include all lodging, meals, all scheduling and the services of PULSE staff.


Contact Chris Cooke at or 412-361-0124.