How are participants impacted by PULSE?

“It’s impossible for me to name all the ways I’ve been impacted by PULSE.  I’ve discovered passions, personal and professionally.  I’ve made life-long friends.  I’ve been given the opportunity to serve, take ownership of project and gain job experience.  But most importantly, PULSE has instilled in me a sense of self-confidence and the knowledge that I can and will make a difference in Pittsburgh.”

Maggie Graham (2010-11)

“I can say without a doubt, PULSE got connected to a profession and the cultural scene in Pittsburgh, both of which I have enjoyed immensely.  It was a great program for me post-college and a smart step in career and personal development.”

– Stephan Bontrager (2001-02)



“I can’t quite imagine how different life would have been without PULSE.  This has been the best “after college” decision for me.  I’ve grown as an individual and young professional because of the people around this program; supervisors, housemates, alumni and neighbors.  If I wouldn’t have done PULSE, my community and network of individuals would be completely different.”

– Anna Pawsey (2010-11)

“PULSE, in its one year, was as influential as four years of college. I didn’t have a clear direction on what I wanted to pursue before PULSE.  While in PULSE, I began to see options open up before me.”

– Anne Horst Hanby (2001-02)



How are participants impacting Pittsburgh and beyond?

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